It’s A Shame That Neither Blylevan Or Morris Are In The Hall

On Wednesday of this week, the inducties of the class of 2011 for the Baseball Hall Of Fame will be announced. On the ballett are 2 former Minnesota Twins pitchers, Jack Morris and Bert Blylevan. I thought I’d take a look at both of their careers and show why these 2 individuals belong in the hall.
Blylevan pitched from 1970-1992 with 5 Major League teams including 2 stints with the Minnesota Twins where he won a World Series in 1987. He also won the World Series with the 1979 Pittsburg Pirates. With a career record of 287-253, you might think that maybe he was not deserving of being in the Hall Of Fame. However, it should be noted that he pitched for losing teams a lot of the time.
Blylevan did have 1 20 win season in 1973. He also won 19 games in 1984 and 17 games 5 times. His career ERA was a pretty respectable 3.31 with 3701 strikeouts, good for fith all time. He also had 60 shutouts, good enough for ninth place on the all time list which features 23 Hall Of Famers in the first 25 places. This stat alone should convince you that Blylevan belongs in the Hall Of Fame.
As for Jack Morris, he should also be considered as well for being inducted. Although he may not have had as strong of a career as most other Hall of Fame Pitchers, he was one of the more consistent pitchers in the 1980’s. He won 15 or more games 12 times during his career including 3 20 win seasons. He also had a pretty respectable ERA of 3.90 in his 18 year career where he won 254 games and played on 4 World Series teams
Even if both of these players don’t get in this time, I believe that Blylevan should be voted into the Hall Of Fame. It’s long overdue.

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