Jim Thome and Carl Pavano

Today, I thought I’d talk about Carl Pavano and Jim Thome and why they’ve not signed with anyone yet. My belief is they’re trying to get the best deal, but also they want to return to the Twins. Pavano wants a 3 year deal. Reports have indicated that the Twins have offered a deal worth about $10 million a year for 2 years with a third year as an option. Also, since Cliff Lee is no longer on the market, there are more teams that are looking at possibly signing Pavano, the best pitcher now on the free agent market. One thing I should mention about Pavano is what a friend told me. This friend, who’s a teacher at a high school in St. Paul, learned from a co-worker who was told by Twins president Jerry Bell that Pavano took a shot before every start last year. A friend and I speculate that it may have something to do with chronic shoulder problems. Pavano has battled injuries in the past, especially when he was with the New York Yankees.

As for Jim Thome, what we know is he’s expressed interest in signing with the Twins. I think the fact that Lance Burkman signing with the St. Louis Cardinals for $8 million has set the bar a little higher for what Thome wants to make. Thome had a solid season last year with 25 HRs. The fact he’s had back problems may prevent him from getting as much money as what he wants. I believe that if the Twins sign either one of these veterans, it will happen closer to Spring Training.

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