Thoughts From the Dugout

Hello once again Twins fans. for this blog entry, I’m going to do a feature that I’m going to call “Thoughts From the Dugout”. If there’s not a lot going on with the Twins and Major League Baseball, this will be where I’ll touch on a few random subjects.
First of all, congrats to Bert Blylevan on making it into the Hall Of Fame! It’s an honor long overdue!
The next thing I’d like to touch on
is an update on Carl Pavano. Last Thursday evening, media sources indicated that Pavano and the Twins were close to a deal that is believed to be for 2 years. My feeling is that maybe they weren’t as close
to what the media indicated. However, I also believe that there may have been some strides made in terms of the negotiations. I predict that Pavano will probably sign here, but the Rangers are another contender for him. The Rangers need a solid starter to take the place of the departed Cliff Lee who signed with the Phillies.
As for Jim Thome, it’s now been reported that the Rangers are also a major contender for him. Since they have signed Adrian BelTre as there third
baseman, Michael Young will be their primary DH. With the addition of Thome provided that he signs there, it would make a real good pratoon combination at DH. I predict that Thome will be more likely to sign here because the weather here is not as warm as it is in Texas during the summer time.
When do I think the Twins will sign someone? I predict that by the week of Twins Fest wich is the week of Jan 23 they will sign a free agent.

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