Thoughts From the Dugout On the Departure Of Nick Punto

Last Friday, Nick Punto signed a one year $750,000 contract with the St. Louis Cardinals. Twins fans are thinking why did we let Punto go if we could have picked him up for a cheap price. I believe there are several reasons for his departure.
one reason is, Punto had a $5 Million option for this season. If the Twins had picked it up, it would have meant that we would have had an overpaid utility player on our bench making enough money to be one of the starting infielders. When Punto signed his last contractback in 2009, it was assumed that he would be the Twins starting third baseman. Last season when Danny Valencia came up, he knocked Punto out of a starting job.
Also last season, Punto spent significant time on the Disabled Llist. Almost every season He’s been here, Punto has spent significant time on the DL. The reason for this has to do with the fact that he slides head first into bases.
Now the Twins have other options to take the place of Punto in the utility role, options that are a lot cheaper. The most likely option to be that utility player is Matt tolbert. Tolbert may not be as strong of a defensive player as Punto, but he’d be a lot cheaper.
Plus, the departure of Punto means more pay roll to spend on bringing back guys like Jim Thome and Carl Pavano. It also mean that we would have to be over paying a guy who seems to get injured every season. And even if we did sign Punto for a cheaper price than the $5 million option, the benefits of not signing Punto are numerous and will help make the Twins a better ball club.

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One Response to Thoughts From the Dugout On the Departure Of Nick Punto

  1. Andrew Isker says:

    Also some good thoughts regarding Nick Punto. The Twins should have bid $750,001.00, Bob (with about a third of the plate appearances).

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