Is The Love Of Baseball Past From Father To Son?

Yesterday when I was browsing the Twins website, I came across an article detailing how Aaron Hicks got interested in baseball and that his father, Joseph Hicks, really wanted his son to be a golfer. Aaron’s father didn’t want his son to play baseball because of his experiences in the minor leagues while in the San Diego Padres organization. In fact Aaron didn’t know anything about his dad’s minor league career  until the age of twelve when he found a wooden bat in the garage with his dad’s name on it.

Since then, Joseph tried to discourage his son from playing baseball. He even had Aaron bat left handed. However, Aaron is now one of the top prospects in the Twins organization. Because of this, I thought I’d share some thoughts on the subject of whether or not the love of the game is past from father to son.

There’s no doubt that the reason I got interested in baseball probably had to do mainly with dad. I started reading up on baseball history when I was young and now I’ve a wealth of baseball knowlege. At the same time, the fact I’m blind probably has made me approach the subject from a different perspective. Most kids start getting interested in baseball because they enjoy playing catch with their dads. I like it for the fact that I think it has an unique history and it’s a fun game to listen to on the radio. Plus, I think it gives something for fathers and their sons to discuss.

In taking a look at Aaron Hicks, I think the main reason why he got interested in baseball has to do with the fact his dad didn’t go all the way to the Major Leagues. So Aaron thought that he’d try pursuing his dad’s career path although his dad didn’t really want him too.

So, in answering the question in the title of whether or not the love of baseball is past on from father to son, I say the answer is yes. In Aaron’s case, I think his dad really didn’t want to acknowledge the fact that he had played baseball because he didn’t like the politics that took place with minor leaguers.

So, his dad decided to have Aaron golf so that he and his son would have something to share with each other. But the reason why Aaron wanted to pursue baseball is because he wanted to succeed where his father didn’t. I think deep down, Joseph really wanted to share his passion for baseball but couldn’t because of what had happened to him in the Minors. Joseph couldn’t see his son suffering the same fate he did in the minors.

That’s why fathers and sons like baseball. And this can be applied to other sports as well such as football and basketball. Sharing a passion for it is something that can bond a father and son. It may be in a form of a dream. It might be in simply playing catch. Or, it might be in going to a game. Baseball has plenty to offer to bond a father and son.

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3 Responses to Is The Love Of Baseball Past From Father To Son?

  1. Andrew Isker says:

    Your best stuff yet! I love it.

  2. Andrew Isker says:

    But where are the TwinsFest photos of you and your father!

  3. First of all, we didn’t bring a camera. Second, most of the time was spent listening to ESPN 1500. Of course Al Frankin had to make an appearance on the AM 1500 stage. Luckily he didn’t really talk politics which was fine with me.

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