An End Of An Eara

This year marks an end of an era for the Twins. Long time radio voice Jon Gordon anounced earlier this week that he will be retiring from working behind the microphone after the 2011 season. The reason for this is he wanted to spend more time with his family.

Whether it’s sitting around a campfire, chillin out on the beach or someone tuning in on a walkman while they’re at some party, Gordo kept fans company for 25 years. His famous call of “Touch em all” followed by a player’s name excited fans after a Twins player hits a home run.

You didn’t even need a television to follow Twins baseball with Gordo behind the mike. You knew when a play was close by the fact he raised his voice. In fact, he made you feel like you were at the park, something he says he tried to do. In an interview on AM 1500 yesterday, Gordo stated that he tried to make the fan feel like that he was at the ball park sitting in the stands enjoying his favorite beverage.

If there’s one thing that’s for certain, Jon Gordon is in a class of Twins broadcasters with long time radio voice Herb Carneal. Both knew how to make you feel like you were at the ball park even though both had different approaches to calling a game. Carneal was more calmer and Gordo was more on the enthusiastic side.

 Gordo will certainly be missed by Twins fans all across Twins territory. But, the fact is all good things don’t last and you enjoy them while they last.

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