Some Random Thoughts From The Dugout

The Twins avoided Arbitration this past weekend and signed Fransisco Liriano to a one year deal of $4.3 million, midway between the club’s offer of $3.6 million and his own figure of $5 million. Now the Twins need to work on signing Liriano to a multi year deal worth aroun $26 million for 3 years, starting in 2012. The figure I just gave is a conservative estimate and I would expect it to be higher. That way, you can keep Liriano past his first year of free agentcy algibility which I believe is after the 2013 season.

It might be in the Twins best interest to work out a deal during the season because they will have a few free agents to work on in the off season. The list includes Michael Cuddyer, Jason Kubel and Joe Nathan. Nathan however does have an option and I predict that if he pitches reasonably well this season, I think he will be back next season. Plus, you will have rising salaries from players like Delmon Young to deal with as well for years to come.

I personally think the Twins should sign Michael Cuddyer over Jason Kubel if they can only sign one of those 2 out fielders. Cuddyer provides you with someone who can play other spots in the field if needed and he’s a good leader in the clubhouse. Plus, Aaron Hicks and Ben Revere are waiting in the wings come 2012, so it may not be as urgent to keep Jason Kubel.

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