Is It Time To Panic?

Spring training started for the Twins on Thursday and already we’re seen some signs of players not quite totally healthy. For one thing, Scott Baker had elbow soreness on Thursday, but was doing better than expected yesterday. He is expected to resume his routine soon. He’d had some elbow soreness earlier in the month.

As for Fransisco Liriano, he was absent from the first official work out yesterday. He was in the training room getting some work done on his sore shoulder. He will be reexamined tomorrow, and if things go well, he will be resuming his routine in 3 days. Twins manager Ron Gardenhire had stated that the reason for Liriano’s soreness is he’s doing more bullpen work and that they were going to back off and expected him to be ready by opening day.

I’m sure many fans throughout Twins territory are probably thinking, “Oh no, here we go again.” I’m however someone who looks at the situation in a more positive note. Remember when Nathan injured his elbow last year? Well, until they had officially declared him done for the season, I figured that there was always a chance that he’d be with the club come opening day, although it was a very slim one.

Or, how about when Joe Mauer was injured at the start of the 09 season? Well, he was back by May 1 and put up MVP type numbers the rest of the season.

And, of course we made it through last year when Nathan hurt his elbow. Granted, Jon Rauch was shaky in the closer’s role midway through the season, but we went out and got Matt Capps to fill the role.

What I’m saying is injuries are part of the game. And even if Baker or Liriano is not on the team to start the season, we would still have 5 starters in the pitching rotation. And, the baseball season is a long season. So as long as you keep winning and are contending throughout most of the season, you have a shot at making the play offs.

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