Some Random Thoughts From the Dugout

Well it’s been a few days since I last Blogged. Well, I think it’s time for some more thoughts from me.

I think the thing that is of most interest so far this spring for the Twins is the fact that we have a Japanese Player in the infield. The Thing that makes it interesting is that Tsuyoashi Nishioka knows Japanese and Alexi Cassilla knows Spanish. Obviously, it could have some implications as far as being able to communicate with each other when they’re playing in the middle infield. I think Nishioka said it best when he stated to reporters yesterday that he and Cassilla are probably going to develop their own language.

And not only the language barrier, but the fact that there will be more reporters following the Twins this year. It will be interesting to follow how manager Ron Gardenhire deals with the press. The reason why I think it will be interesting is the fact that he will have to hold 2 separate press conferences, one for the Twins media and one for the media following Nishioka.

Joe Mauer recieved an injection in his knee a couple of days ago to lubricate his surgically repaired left knee. Gardenhire has stated that they’re going to keep Mauer’s work load light and that he probably won’t be behind the plate during the early part of spring training. Even Mauer isn’t concerned, stating that there are six weeks in spring training.

I myself am not too concerned either. First of all, it sounds like this type of injection is common. Nick Blackburn has recieved this type of injection before and that it’s helped him a lot. It can keep someone’s knees lubricated anywhere from 6 months to 6 years. Mauer is scheduled to recieve three or four injections in his nee.

This will help keep Mauer healthy throughout the season. At least we won’t have to worry about replacing Mauer anytime soon. The Twins currently don’t have a solid catching prospect in the organization since they traded away Wilson Ramez in the Matt Capps deal. If we did have another solid catcher, maybe a few years down the road, we could have Mauer play more in the outfield. But then again, the Twins are not paying Mauer 23 million a season just to hit and be an average outfielder.

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