Some Notes and Thoughts From the Dugout

Today, the twins played their first Spring Training game in Fort Meyers at Hammond Stadium. This means that we’re less than 33 days till April 1 when the Twins will open their regular season at Torronto. The Twins beat the Boston Red Sox 8-4. I’m not going to summarize the game so much. What I’m going to do is give you my thoughts on a couple of things in regards to the game.

The one possitive is a lot of the offense came from players who are probably not going to be on the Twins this year. The key hit came in a four run fifth inning when Joe Benson, one of the top Twins prospects, drove in three runs on a bases clearing tripple. Another possitive note was the Twins had solid pitching through 7 innings. Carl Pavano allowed only 1 hit in his 2 innings of pitching. Also pitching scoreless innings were Pat Neshek, Dusty Hughes, Alex Burnette, Jeff Manship and Scott Diamond. At least the pitching is on track to start spring training.

One negative for the Twins came in the eighth when Anthony Swarzak came on to pitch. He allowed three runs in the inning. Part of the problem was the fact that there was an error in the inning which allowed one of the runs to score

one other thing I’d like to mention is Michael Cuddyer is recieving treatment on a wart on his foot by means of a cream. It should be noted that if the wart is removed by surgery, Cuddyer wouldn’t be available for at least 2 months which would mean he wouldn’t be able to play until May. This would certainly be a loss for the Twins since he can be the first baseman if Justin Morneau isn’t ready by the start of the season.

Speaking of Morneau, the Twins are planning on not having him play in a spring training game for another week to 10 days. However, things have been going smoothly. I think it’s safe to say at the moment that Morneau will be ready on April 1. I’ve also just learned from a tweet from ESPN 1500’s Phil Mackey that Ron Gardenhire has indicated that Morneau is scheduled to see a doctor in the next couple of days in order to be possibly cleared to play in games.

That’s all for now. I’ll be periodically blogging on spring training stuff in the next few weeks. Another thing to be looking for in these next weeks is I’m planning on predicting who will be in the playoffs by the end of the regular season.

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