Some Random Thoughtsand Notes From The Dougout

Good Afternoon Twins fans, I think we’re overdue for a new blog post. First of all, despite not having four of our key players in the line up, the Twins have had a good spring training so far. They’ve won 6 games and lost 2. The starting pitchers are now pitching 3 innings. Jason Kubel has 7 hits in 13 at bats with 1 homerun and 5 RBIs in 5 games. Tsuyoshi Nishioka has 4 hits in 15 at bats with 4 RBIs. Matt Tolbert has 3 hits in 10 at bats. Danny Valencia has 6 hits in 12 at bats. Alexi Cassilla has 3 hits in 10 at bats. Jason Repko has played in all 8 spring training games and has 3 hits in 17 at bats.

Scott Baker has pitched 1 1/2 innings and has allowed 1 run. Both Nick Blackburn and Brian Duensing have pitched 5 innings, allowing no runs. Kevin Slowey has pitched 5 innings and allowed 3 runs. Fransisco Liriano has yet to appear in a regular spring training game, but did pitch on Friday in a b game where he didn’t quite have command of his stuff. It should be noted that Joe Nathan has pitched fine so far after coming back from Tommy John surgery, allowing no runs in 2 innings of pitching.

As for injury updates, Joe Mauer has yet to catch a bullpen. Phil Mackey on 1500 ESPN said he overheard Mauer say that he probably won’t catch a bullpen today or tomorrow. Justin Morneau has yet to be cleared to play in games, but he’s looking sharp in drills. Delmon Young has turf toe and is now out indefinitely. Michael Cuddyer, who had a wart removed from his foot last Tuesday, says that he feels he’s made significant progress as far as recovery goes, but will be out for several more days. he could play in 2 weeks. And one more injury update, Cassilla now has a tweeked ankle and will be out a few days. He was injured in the game yesterday.

Well, my brother hounded me last week on face book that I should do some more predictions. Well, I’m going to start off with delmon Young. Last season, he had 21 homeruns and  112 RBIs. I believe this year he will come close to last year’s output. I predict that he will have 20 homeruns and 100 RBIs. I believe that if Young is going to get a good contract, he will need to come close to last year’s offensive numbers.


This year is the 20th anniversary of the Twins winning the 1991 world series. Can you name the 7 players that were on both the 1987 and 1991 teams? You can leave your responses on the comments section.

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