Some More Notes and Thoughts From The Dugout

Good evening Twins fans. There has been some news coming out of Fort Meyers that I thought was worth blogging about. First of all, both Justin Morneau and Delmon Young played in the b squad game earlier today and did well. Morneau was one for two with a bases clearing double in four innings of play in his first in game action since suffering a concussion in Toronto on July 7 of last year. Young, who’s recovering from turf toe, walked both times he batted.

It should be noted that, Morneau was not originally penciled in the line up for the game. Instead, Chris Parmelee was originally penciled in to play first base. The reason for this was so the media wouldn’t be creating more stress for Morneau. A key for recovery from a concussion is the amount of stress someone faces.

As for Joe Mauer, he’s yet to play in a spring training game. There’s been rumors going around saying that the reason why Mauer hasn’t played yet in any spring training games is the fact that his best season was 2 years ago when he was out for the first month. He batted .365 with 28 home runs and 96 RBIs on his way to claming the MVP Award. I personally don’t believe those rumors and I think Mauer will be ready to go come April 1.

Maybe since we’re discussing Mauer, I should predict how he will do this season. I believe this season, he will hit 15 home runs. I don’t think he’s really a 30 home run guy. The reason why he hit 28 back in 2009 was the fact that several of them were at the Metrodome. Most of them hit there didn’t go very far when they cleared the fence.

Because of the fact that Target Field is not a home run ball park, I don’t project Mauer hitting 30 home runs. However, I do think that he needs to concentrate on hitting the ball and not try swinging for the fences so much.

There’s been some talk that Kevin Slowey could be dealt soon. Earlier today, some scouts were at the b game watching him pitch. Slowey’s name was mentioned in a possible trade for Cliff Lee last year. I don’t think it’s a given that Slowey will be traded, but then again baseball can surprise you.

That’s all for now. I will reveal the answer to my question I posted in yesterday’s blog post in my next blog. And by the way, you can follow me on twitter at

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