Stories From My Fort Meyers Trip

Hello Twins fans. I’m back! I’ve not been blogging these last 10 days or so because I’ve been out of Town. I was in Sunny Fort Meyers. It was a fun time. Sure listened to a lot of basketball games on the radio. There were plenty of games that were entertaining from the tournament. I’m sure most of you have probably thrown your brackets in the trash by now.

Other than going for a walk on the beach almost everyday with dad and chillin out at our place we rented, I did go to one Twins Spring Training game. It was the Wednesday night game against the Baltomore Orioles at Hammond stadium. My dad and I also chatted with a St. Louis Cardinals fan on the beach. Interesting guy to chat with. He had a brother who played in the Cardinals minor league system in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. The cool story he shared with us had to do with Ozzie Smith, the Cardinals Hall Of Fame Shortstop in the 1980’s.

The sister of this fan had Cereabal Palsy. From what the guy told us, Smith had done some charity work with the handicapped. One more thing to note. Smith doesn’t usually autograph things for fans. However, for this fan’s sister, he autograph some things for her. It was at some restaurant. Smith was going to do some radio interview. 10 minutes before his interview, he went over to the table this fans sister was at along with some other family members and chatted with them and signed some stuff.

Another interesting story on my trip occurred while flying home. We had stopped in Charlotte, N.C. We ran into someone that we know from the days my older brother played baseball when he was younger. This guy was a pilot for U.S. Air, the airline we flew home. He’d just piloted a plane from London and was now on his way home. He sat in the row behind us.

The one interesting story has to do with him at a Twins spring training game. He was waiting outside for a chance that someone would give him a free ticket. Usually by the first inning, scalpers give tickets for free because they have not sold them by then. I’m kind of sketchy on some details at this point. However, what I do remember is some older woman was walking out of the stadium during the first inning. She’d apparently already had enough. He was allowed to use her ticket.

During the next couple of innings, a couple of guys in the row in front of him kept on looking at him kind of funny. Finally during the fourth inning, the older guy asked him how he got in and that he thought the game was sold out. And of course, our pilot friend told him that an older lady had had enough and that he was allowed to use her ticket. Turns out the lady was the guy’s wife.

My blogging plan for this week is to focus on predictions. I’ll also talk about the final 25 man roster. In fact, that will be my next blog. I’m planning on posting that with in a day or so.

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