Who Will Win the Other Divisions?

Hello Twins fans and it’s opening day for our favorite ball club! But, before we watch or listen to first pitch, let me give you my take on who will win the other divisions. Let’s start in the American League.

For the AL East, I pick the Boston Red Sox. Part of my reasoning for this is I feel that the Red Sox have improved their ball club the most in their division. The additions of Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford should help boost the Sox’s offense. And if newcomers Bobby Jenks and Dan Wheeler can do wwell as relief pitchers, that will help the Sox bullpen.

I also feel that the New York Yankees will be a solid contender, but the fact they didn’t go out and improve their team like the Red Sox did would work in the Red Sox favor. One thing I will say is the Yankees are still dangerous and I wouldn’t totally count them out. However, I predict that they will be the AL wild card. And, don’t count on the Tampa Bay Rays of winning the AL East. Even though they have some good starting pitching, the Rays lost some key pieces this past offseason.

For the AL West, I pick the lA Angels. However, I think the key will be can Kendrys Morales continue hitting where he left off last season before suffering a broken leg? Right now, he’s on the disabled list.

The Oakland Athletics could be a major contender in that division given their young pitching staff. However, the fact that they’re a young team will hurt the A’s. And, don’t count on the Rangers to win the Al West. They lost Cliff Lee and don’t have a No. 1 starting pitcher.

In The Nl East, the Philladelphia Phillies are winners hands down. They have 4 starting pitchers that could be no. 1 starters on most other teams. Look for the Braves to be major contenders and be the NL wild card when the season is over.

As for the Nl Central, I go between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers. The one thing I think the Brewers have is they have a couple of good starting pitchers in Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum, both acquired in the offseason. Plus their Lineup is solid with guys like Prince Fielder, Corey Hart, Ryan Braun and Casey McGhee.

As for the Cardinals, they have a couple of boppers in the middle of their lineup in Albert Pujols and Matt Halliday with some good pitchers. However, Adam Wainwright is out for the season. Right now, I’m going to pick the Cardinals to win the NL Central and the Brewers will be second. The reason why I didn’t pick the Reds to win again is the fact they are a young team and I feel that last year, several players had career years. I still wouldn’t count them out though as contenders.

In the Nl West, I pick the Colorado Rockies to win it. The reason is they have the best team in the division. If starting pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez can do as well as he did last year and if the Rockies don’t falter, they will win the division. As for the San Fransisco Giants, I predict that they will be finishing second. The reason why I feel the Giants won’t win it again is because several players that weren’t expected to do well were hot at the right time last year and help propelled the Giants into the World Series. It will be a close race between the Rockies and Giants for the NL West title.

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