How will Target Field impact the Twins This Year?

Hello Twins fans and it’s getting close to the home opener. I thought I’d do a post on how I feel Target Field will be a factor for the Twins season. Last year, the Twins were 53-28 at home and 41-40 on the road. At home, they allowed only 313 runs compared with 358 on the road. As for runs scored, they scored 399 runs at home compared with 382 on the road.

As these stats show, Target Field has benefitted the Twins from a pitching and offensive standpoint. The Twins didn’t hit as many home runs at home as they did on the road. The fact that other teams outfielders didn’t always know how to play the outfield may have helped the Twins score more runs at home.

This past offseason, the Twins decided to have some more speed in the line up. Tsuyoshi Nishioka was signed from Japan to play second base and Alexi Casilla will play shortstop. Nishioka is currently out for at least six weeks due to a fractured fibula suffered in the Twins 4-3 loss to the New York Yankees earlier today.

There’s one thing that’s different this year from last year at the ball park. It has to do with the batter’s eye. During this past winter, pine trees out in centerfield were removed and a batter’s eye similar to what is at the Seattle Mariner’s field has been installed.

It’s hard to tell how this will impact the Twins hitting. Hopefully it will increase the number of home runs the Twins hit since it would be logical to think that removing the pine trees could provide the batter with better site lines for reading pitches. However, I wouldn’t expect a dramatic increase in the number of home runs the Twins hit at Target Field.

What I conclude from this information is that Target Field will once again play a big factor in another season for the Twins. It’s obvious they have a home field advantage. They score more runs at home and they allow fewer runs at home than on the road. Target Field will certainly be good to the Twins once again this season.

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