Can’t Hit, Too Many Walks

Hello Twins fans! We’ve finished playing 1/18 of the Twins season so far and it’s not been a very good start. In fact, it’s not like we’ve been clicking on all cylinders. It’s quite the contrary.

So what exactly has been going on? Well, let me give you some stats and let you guys figure it out for yourselves.

So far this season, the Twins have been outscored 41-24 and are hitting at a .214 clip with only 19 walks in 317 plate appearances. That’s around 2 walks per 9 innings. The Twins are ranked near or at the bottom in almost every offensive category in the American League.

Pitching wise, the Twins have not done much better as a team. As a staff, they have an ERA of 4.38, good for ninth in the Al. They’ve walked a total of 36 batters in 78 innings of pitching, 13th in the league. That’s around 4 walks per nine innings.

I’m not going to look at individual stats in this blog. What I will say is if you’ve not figured it out by now, the Twins are not hitting, or pitching the greatest. Even some of the fielding has not been the best either. Granted, they’ve only allowed 8 errors as a team, but one of those errors occured on Saturday which allowed Oakland to get the only run in the game that eventually gave the A’s a 1-0 victory.

Here’s what I’m going to say. It’s early in the season and it’s not panic time. But, if the Twins can have a game soon where they pitch well and hit well, it will help them out of this team slump. Maybe the upcoming series against the Kansas City Royals will give them the game they need to get out of their slump.

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