A Look At History

The Twins have not had a good start to the season so far. So far, they have a 4-10 record and are currently on a 4 game losing streak. Well, what does this mean for the Twins? Well, I think it’s too early to say that this team is not a good team, They’re just not playing well right now.

What I think we should do is take a look at the years the Twins won the World Series and see what the records were from month to month before I finish my thoughts.

The 1987 club had a final record of 85-77 during the regular season. Sure doesn’t look very impressive, but the team did go on to win the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals. A 56-25 home record at the dome that currently is in surgery to replace the roof was the key to the Twins success that season.

Apr: 12-9

May: 14-14

Jun: 17-11

Jul: 13-14

Aug: 13-15

Sept: 16-11

Oct: 0-3

In 1991, the Twins had a slow start to the season. Their overall record would eventually be 95-67 with a home record of 50-31. And, of course their success at home helped to propel them to eventual World Series champions over the Atlanta Braves.

\Apr: 9-11

May: 14-14

Jun: 22-6

Jul: 16-11

Aug: 17-12

Sept: 15-10

Oct: 2-4

In looking at the month by month records, the Twins in those years had mostly winning months or months where their win loss record was no more than a game or 2 under 500. In both of those years, they had losing Octobers. However, they only had a few regular season games that month.

What I’m saying is, you’re going to have a rough time from time to time during the regular season. In 1991, we had the best record in the American League even though we didn’t start off exactly fast that April. In fact, they had a 4-10 record in their first 14 games, just like they do this year.

If anything, if the Twins can generally have winning months and play well throughout the season, they will have a good chance of being in the playoffs. And, it’s how you do in the playoffs that determines whether or not you win, not a 4-10 record to start the season.

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