Should The Twins Have Played Last Friday?

Last Friday’s game against the Cleveland Indians was postponed because of rain. However, the rain stopped around when the game was scheduled to be played. So, they could have played the game that night, although the conditions may not have been ideal for playing. The temperature was around 40 and I think it might have been windy too. On the other side of the coin, the game was called off at around 6-40, when most fans would have been making their way to the game or already at the game.

To me, that was not the greatest decision. The fact the rain stopped tells me that we could have gotten the game in even if the weather wasn’t the best. At the same time, it gave players such as Justin Morneau, another day of rest. The Twins had been playing shorte handed all week last week because both Morneau and Delmon Young had the flu and Young also had sore ribs.

Now, the Twins are still playing short handed although it looks like Jim Thome (slight Oblique strain) and Jason Repko (sore quad) will both be returning soon. Thome may be in the lineup for tonight’s game.

Another thing to look at is the fact fans were already at the ball park or making their way there. That means that they would have to pay twice for gas and parking if they go to the make up game which would stretch a lot of people’s pocket books.

You could also throw out a conspiracy theory. We all know that cities are struggling to find funds for their big budgets. What if the city of Minneapolis wanted the Twins to call the game off by around 6-40 so they can get more revenue for parking. It would make sense in a way. if the average parking spot is around $10, that’s some revenue for the city although it wouldn’t be a significant amount.

So, how could the Twins have avoided something like this? I think what they should have done is gone ahead and played the game. Weather reports 2 hours before the game indicated that they could get the game in. And, if you do want to call the game off, call it off at least a couple of hours before game time, just like they did last Tuesday.

The fact of the matter is we don’t have a dome anymore. When we had the dome, it was easy to decide if we were going to play pretty much no matter what the weather is. The only exceptions would be if the dome’s roof had collapsed and if there were tornados.

Now that we have an outdoor ball park, we’ll have to put up with the not so perfect science of weather reporting. There will be times when the Twins will cancel games because they feel the weather might be lousy and there will be times when they think they can play when the weather is lousy like last Wednesday’s game. But, I think what the Twins need to do is decide earlier than 6-40 if they’are not going to play. That way, it wouldn’t be so bad of a public relations move as long as fans get the message before they get to the ball park.

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