Can Liriano’s Performance Pick Up The Twins?

Last night, the Twins got something special from Fransisco Liriano, who in previous outings pitched like he was in little league. Liriano did what I wasn’t expecting him to do. He threw a no hitter at U.S. Celluar Field in Chicago. He walked 6 White Sox batters and struck out 2. However, the Twins are still not hitting. Granted, last night we only needed one run which came on a home run by Jason Kubel. But, if our starters can pitch deep into games and pitch well, that would help the Twins a lot. And, our defense needs to stop making plays that you’d see in little league.

And of course, I just want to forget most of the last few games we played before last night. Makes me feel sick to my stomach. It’s probably some of the worse baseball I’ve ever listened to on the radio, even worse than 1999 when the Twins had their wurst record in franchise history as the Twins.

But getting back to the point, Liriano’s gem cam make a team forget it’s recent lows and help them to get on track. It would psychologically help them not to press so much at the plate. And, when one player has a performance like what Liriano did, it can pick up an entire team. One by one, it will impact each player until they’re all contributing something to the team. Remember, one player doesn’t make a team. It’s all 25.

If it wasn’t for some solid defensive plays last night, Liriano probably wouldn’t have his no hitter and more important, a shutout since the score was 1-0. And if it werent’ for Jason Kuble hitting that home run, it might have been a different story.

So, let’s hope that Liriano’s no hitter helps propel the Twins to better days ahead. It’s about time we break this deal where we’re not hitting, pitching and fielding as a team.

Speaking of teammates picking up each other, Nick Blackburn pitched 6 2/3 innings and only allowed 1 run to the White Sox in the 3-2 victory this afternoon. And Jason Kubel had two more RBIs. There are still mistakes being made, but the confidence is building. They just have to play smart baseball.

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