Idea For New Add Campaign

Hello Twins fans, This morning I was thinking about the fact we had some lousy weather at last night’s game at Target Field where the Twins once again lost, this time to the Detroit Tigers 10-2. it’s been a frustrating season so far for Twins fans. So much so, that we have to look for something to help entertain us at the ball park. Granted I wasn’t there, but from what I’ve heard, it sounds like fans had fun with throwing hail at each other and trying to catch it in their mouths during the rain delay that occurred in the bottom of the fourth inning.  Players were having fun with it too on the field. Even Tigers pitcher, Justin Verlander was hitting hail stones thrown to him by his teammates.

So, what’s this idea I’m thinking of? Well, I think the Twins should roll out a new Twins campaign. The campaign slogan would be, “We the team might be lousy, but you never know how the weather will entertain you during a game.”

And how might the weather entertain the fans? Well, last night was a good example. it was obvious that fans were trying to have fun with a situation where the team was playing bad. They were throwing hail at each other and having fun while doing it.

And, I’m thinking of another game. This time, it’s the one where the Rays Beat us 8-2 a couple of weeks ago and it was snowing during the game. In between innings, the Twins were playing Christmas carols. Once again, they were making light of a situation where the team wasn’t doing very well.

So, I think this might be a good add campaign. The team has not been playing very well at all. You just have to look for anything to lift us up as fans. Obviously, it was a new experience to have hail during the rain delay last night. But, who knows what might happen next with the weather at Target Field. I sure didn’t imagine the Twins playing Christmas carols during a game when it was snowing. And, I don’t think I’d even thought of fans throwing hail at each other or trying to ccatch it in their mouths. You just never know what the weather might do while you’re at Target Field.

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