Thoughts From The Dugout On The Twins Start To The season

Last night, I was listening to Mike Maxe’s show when Max mentioned something that Michael Cuddyer had told him earlier that day. Cuddyer had stated that the Twins are basically two different teams right now. You have the young guys like Luke Hughes, Trevor Plouffe, Ben Revere and Rene Tosoni batting in the line up. These guys are young inexperienced players trying to make a name for themselves and are pressing because they know the team is in a slump. At the same time, the veteran guys such as Justin Morneau, Michael Cuddyer, Denard Span and Jason Kubel trying to cary the load for the younger guys. Even our pitchers are pressing because they know that we don’t score a lot of runs.

Span and Kubel have done just fine offensively. In fact, Kubel is doing a lot better than I thought he would have this year. He’s currently batting .355 with 4 HRs and 20 RBIs which leads the club in all three of those categories. Even Danny Valencia has driven in some runs. He’s currently second on the club with 18 RBIs, but is batting at a .230 clip right now.

It seems like to me that this might be the wurst part of the season right now. If we didn’t have all of those injuries that we currently have, we could have been doing better.

If the majority of the guys had not had to be placed on the disabled list, I think we could have had more to smile about. So, let’s do some math here and find out what might have been for RBI total for some of the injured players since you want to score runs. What we’ll do is calculate the RBI totals of the injured players out to 35 games or the projected number of games depending on how many games they’ve played up to that point and see what we get.

Delmon Young had 6 RBIs in 16 games. If he kept that pace up through the first 35 games, he would have had 13 RBIs.

 Joe Mauer had 4 RBIs in 9 games he played in. If he’d played in 29 out of the first 35 games, he would have 13 RBIs.

Jim Thome had 7 RBIs in the 20 games he played in. If he kept up this pace, he would have had 9 RBIs in 27 games.

Tsuyoshi Nishioka had 2 RBIs through the Twins first 6 games before suffering the broken fibia. However, if he’d played through the first 35 games, he would have had 12 RBIs.

Jason Repko had 3 RBIs through 13 games he played in. He would have had 4 RBIs in 17 projected games played.

These are only projections. One thing is clear though from doing all of this math. The injured players would have had better stats than their replacements. Let’s take a look at the players who’ve been on the big league club as replacements.

Luke Hughes: .246 AVG, 1 HR and 6 RBIs

Trevor Plouffe: .300 AVG, 1 HR and 1 RBI

Ben Revere: .188 AVG, 0 HRS, and 0 RBIs

Rene Tosoni: .171 AVG, 1 HR, and 3 RBIs

Rene Rivera: .000 AVG, 0 HRs, and 0 RBIs

Steve Holm: .118 AVG, 0 HRs and 0 RBIs

Obviously, the injured players would have helped the club out some more according to their projected stats. If the injured players did have these projected RBI totals, they would have had 120 RBIs as a team. Currently, the Twins as a team have 101 RBIs with 113 runs scored. So, it wouldn’t have been a huge difference according to the projected stats. There are some things that I think are worth considering.

First of all, players like Jim Thome and Jason Repko probably wouldn’t have played in as many games as they had because of Delmon Young being injured. I also think you should take into account the fact that if it weren’t for the younger guys on the roster, some of the veterans such as Cuddyer could have had better stats. And the pitching could have been better too if it weren’t for the fact the Twins are struggling offensively.

but in the end, you can say what if this or what if that and it may not make much difference. The fact of the matter is, we’re struggling as a team offensively and pitching wise and have been pretty much all season so far. You can only hope that when the injured players return, things will get better for the Twins.

One note I should mention is Delmon Young is expected to come off the Disabled List tomorrow and will be in uniform for the Twins for that night’s game against the Torronto Blue Jays at Target Field. Jim Thome is expected to join the club next week.

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