Seriously Why are Fans Voting For Joe Mauer As The Starting Catcher In The All Star Game?

Well folks, the results of the fan voting thus far for the All Star Game have been released. And, guess who’s in second place for starting catcher. It’s our own Joe Mauer.

I find this hard to believe since I’m one of those fans that thinks the all star game is really about who’s doing well that season. Mauer has 593,949 votes to New York Yankees catcher Russel Martin’s total of 843,459 votes.

In looking at Martin’s offensive numbers, I’d say they’re pretty respectable. He has 9 HRs with 26 RBIs and 23 RUNS SCORED and he’s hitting at a .242 clip. Mauer however, has not played for most of the season due to bilateral leg weakness.

So I ask, Why are the fans voting for Mauer? Realistically, I could see Carlos Santana, the Cleveland Indians catcher being in second place. Santana has similar runs scored and RBI totals to Martin.

There’s only one conclusion I can draw from this. That conclusion is the fans like Mauer even when he’s hurt. I understand that a lot of the ladies think he’s good looking, but again that’s not why I’m voting someone to play in the All Star Game. Like I’ve said before, the All Star Game is for those that are doing well. The Twins right now have only one player deserving to be on the American League Roster. That would be our best hitter in Jason Kubel. He’s batting at a .310 clip with 20 runs scored, 5 HRs and 30 RBIs.

And let’s say Mauer comes back at around the end of June and has the most votes and therefore would be the starting catcher. It would really be an embarrassment since you have someone who didn’t do that well this season up until that point. It’s All Star Game, not The Most Popular Players game.

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