A Look At The 2011 Draft Class

Hello Twins fans and I think it’s time for us to take a look at the Twins 2011 draft class. Don’t expect some long summary of how I think each pick will do and where I think they will end up. However, I think it’s important to look at the class in general.

  On Monday, , the Twins had 3 first round draft picks. Their first overall pick was shortstop Levi Michael, a junior from North Carolina who can also play second and third base. Michael has a career batting average of .309 in three seasons with the Tar Heels. He also has 27 HRs and 159 RBIs. The Tar Heels are getting ready for their NCAA super regional series against Stanford which starts on Friday.

This season, Michel’s production dipped as he hit .297 with 5 HRs and a 444 OBP. Last season, he hit .347 with an OBP of 480 and 19 HRs. He led the Tar Heels that season in most offensive categories. Many scouts feel that Michael could be better suited for second base. They say even before that ankle injury this year, he has limited range to play shortstop as a professional and that his average arm might be a little short to play him there everyday. He does have good hands and could play there if he were a utility player.

Third baseman Travis Harrison from Tustin High School in California was picked at no. 50 for the second first round pick. He hit 13 home runs this season as a senior. The fact that he’s 6-1 weighing at 215 pounds suggests that he may be better suited for left field since he could still grow some yet.

As the third and final pick, the Twins selected Hudson Boyd, a right handed pitcher picked from Verot High School. The Florida senior can throw in the mid 90’s.

But, that’s not all the Twins drafted. Between yesterday and today, they drafted 49 more players. Of those, 34 of them were pitchers, making for a total of 35 pitchers drafted for the Twins. 19 of them are college age and 16 are left handed.

of these pitchers, Boyd along with Eaden Prairie’s Madison Boer have been projected to go through the minor league system at a relatively quick rate. The Twins also like reliever Corey Williams, from Vanderbilt, who can throw in the mid 90’s and has three different pitches.

The Twins also drafted 6 shortstops all together along with a pair of catchers, a pair of second baseman, a third baseman and 6 outfielders.

Now we will wait and see what happens with this draft class. What will determine the success of these new players is can they make the adjustment to each level of the minor leagues. That will ultimately determine whether or not a player makes it to the Major Leagues.

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