Upcoming Roster Moves

Hello folks and welcome to another Twins blog. Since tonight’s game was rained out, I thought now was a good time to blog about the upcoming roster moves the Twins will be making the next couple of weeks.

First, I’m going to update you guys on one such move. Justin Morneau has been placed on the 15 day DL retroactive to June 10 to rest his sore wrist. The word is Tsuyoshi Nishioka will be returning from the 60 day DL to take Morneau’s place this Wednesday. However, he’s to be evaluated by the team’s medical staff. Since Nishioka is not on the 40 man roster, the team will have to take someone off of that roster to make room for him.

There’s also talk that Glennn Perkins will also be returning on Wednesday as well. To make room for him on the 25 man roster, the Twins will have to send someone down to the minors. My guess is it would be left hander Chuck James. In 5 innings of pitching, James has allowed no runs. Right hander Jim Hoey could also be someone the Twins send down to Rochester to make room for Perkins. I don’t see this as likely to happen because the Twins might want that fourth righty in the pen.

Joe Nathan and Joe Mauer are also close to returning. The plan on Sunday was to have Mauer return this Thursday. I see it more likely that Mauer won’t be back until Friday and Rene Revera will probably be designated for assignment which would clear a 40 man roster spot for Mauer. As for Nathan, he’s also days away from returning. As part of Nathan’s rehab plan, Mauer will be hitting off of Nathan tomorrow in Fort Meyers. To make room for Nathan, the Twins will probably ship out Jim Hoey. However, they may keep Hoey on the roster since he’s done better in recent appearances and might want to have a power arm. He has allowed no runs in his past four outings, lowering his ERA from 10.80 to 8.31. If they do keep Hoey, then Alex Burnette will probably be shipped out to Rochester.

And we have one more pitcher that is close to returning and that pitcher is Kevin Slowey. Don’t be surprised that Slowey is inserted into the starting rotation and Duensing is moved to the bullpen which would then give the bullpen four lefties. Then it comes down to who do you send down to the minors between Anthony Sworzak and Alex Burnette. Sworzak has done well since being recalled in mid May, allowing only 5 runs not to mention his one hit job a couple of weeks ago against the Angels. Burnette has lowered his ERA from 7.11 on May 27 to 5.60 and he’s only allowed one base on balls this season.

And now for the rest of the position players that are still on the DL. Jason Kubel (sprained foot) can return as early as tomorrow. And Jim Thome(strained Quad) is elgible to return on Friday. Denard Span is still suffering from mild concussion symptoms, but will be returning soon.

When these three players return, I see for sure Brian Dinkelman and Rene Tosoni being shipped out. Since Morneau will be out for 10 days, Luke Hughes will remain on the roster until Morneau’s return.

And, I actually think the Twins will keep Ben Revere on the team and designate Jason Repko for assignment. Revere has played a key role in the team’s offense, scoring 9 runs since he returned on June 2. Plus, having Revere on the team could put a firecracker on Delmon Young to perform better. Up until Revere returned for the second time, Young wasn’t producing at the plate. Since June 3, he’s scored 5 runs, driven in 6 with 1 HR and hitting at a .350 clip during this stretch.

The Twins have some roster decisions to make these next couple of weeks. Some will be easy and some will be hard. And, there will be a surprise or two in store as well.

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