How Will The Returning Players Impact the Twins?

Well folks, the Twins played earlier today and won 1-0. And, we have some of our injured players returning. Tsuyoshi Nishioka returned from the Disabled List yesterday and played in the field today. Joe Mauer and Glen Perkins have been activated for tomorrow’s game. And soon, Jim Thome, Jason Kubel and Denard Span will be returning to the line up. Joe Nathan is expected to do a rehab stint at Class AAA Rochester and Kevin Slowey is not to far away from returning. Word is Slowey has only been doing light tossing.

This leads me to ask, how will all of these returning players impact the Twins. Part of the reason for our recent success has been our pitching, especially our starting pitching which has had only 3 strts of 5 innings or less. More important, we’ve also improved in the field. Instead of having games lost by one run, we’re winning games. And our offense has picked up in the month of June. A key factor has been Ben Revere who’s scored 10 runs this month. Delmon Young and Michael Cuddyer have also picked up their offense as well. Young has driven in 8 runs since the start of June, giving him 19 RBIs on the season. Cuddyer has driven in 14 runs with 5 home runs in this month.

And if you had all of the returning offensive threats we have currently on the Disabled List, I think this team still has a potensial to make a run at it. At the moment, I wouldn’t expect Justin Morneau to do as well as we’d like him to do since he’s still recovering from the concussion and has a pinched nerve in his neck. Because of the fact he’s out for a few days to rest his sore wrist, I think he will pick up his game some at the plate.

This leads me to a statement Ron Gardenhire made last year once in his post game comments after a loss to Baltomore. He stated that the best trade the Twins could make is if the players that are currently on the roster can start doing a lot better. Now, the trade the Twins will be making is the players that are returning do better than they did before they were placed on the DL. Look out American League Central! We’re comin! We’re comin!

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