Joe Mauer To Play Another Position?

Hello folks! I thought today we’d discuss the fact that Manager Ron Gardenhire has hinted that Joe Mauer might be seen some playing time at first and third. I find this move to be interesting and I wasn’t really expecting this to happen this quickly. However, I think there are a couple of factors that made this come sooner than I expected.

I think the bigger one is the fact that Justin Morneau will now be having surgery on his neck this upcoming Wednesday to remove a chip from a hurniated disc. Morneau has been feeling some numbness in his left hand this season and has  not been able to perform as well both at the plate and on the field. I still say hats off to Morneau for trying to play through the pain. Morneau has been basically playing through this since the last week of spring training. It’s expected that he will miss around six weeks which would put his return somewhere in mid August.

I think the second factor might have been the fact that Mauer was out for most of the season so far do to bilateral leg weakness. However, I still think if Morneau had been healthy, Mauer would have more than likely been our DH if he wasn’t catching and they want to rest one of the outfielders. However, I think if it wasn’t for Morneau being injured, I think they would have started working with Mauer in the next couple of years on switching to a different position and would  still been catching part time. I should note that Mauer did take some ground balls at third during yesterday;s batting paractice.

Other Injury Updates:

Joe Nathan was activated yesterday and Jim Thome has been activated for tonight’s game. To make room on the roster, the Twins sent back outfielder Rene Tosoni and reliever Jim Hoey. Denard Span who’s been out due to a concussion, has been playing catch and should be starting baseball related activities soon. Jason Kubel (left foot sprain) ran yesterday with no pain and should be getting back to playing soon. Pitcher Kevin Slowey will pitch 3 innings today for Class A Fort Myers.

New Blog Feature:

I been thinking that it might be fun to do a feature where I answer your questions on the Twins. You can tweet your questions @troystwinsblog or you can leave your questions on the comments section.

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