After All Star Break, The Twins Have More Reasons To Be Optimistic

Hello Folks and I’m back at the computer in my man cave once again to write out another blog. It’s now the All Star Break and the Twins have more reasons to be optimistic at this point of the season since the beginning to get back in the race. For one thing, they’re on a 16 game stretch against teams in their own division. 12 of those games will be at Target Field. The Twins could gain a lot of ground in this division in these next couple of weeks. Currently, they are in fourth place, 6.5 games behind the Detroit Tigers for First.

Since the Twins had a record of 17-37 after the first of June, they’ve gone on a stretch of 24-11 with a 6  game losing streak during that strech. They’re now 41-48 overall this season. On June 1, I would have written the Twins off as possible contenders in this division given the fact they were at that point 16.5 games behind the Cleveland Indians. But then the pitching turned around and the hitting started improving. However, we kept on having injuries, but we kept producing.

We’ve gotten back some of those injured players with Delmon Young returning this Thursday and Span another 10 days after that. We don’t know for sure when Jason Kubel will be back, but I don’t think it will be too much longer. Probably in the next couple of weeks. Justin Morneau probably won’t be back for sure until towards the end of August. And expect the Twins to trade someone. I predict that they will trade Young, but I wouldn’t count on it since Young hasn’t been producing like he has in the past and I’d maybe also add Kevin Slowey to possible trade candidates, but the problem with that is Slowey hasn’t really pitched much this season. Right now, Slowey is rehabbing in the minors, getting stretched out. Slowey could be returning soon, but the question would be what do you do with him. Do you put him back in the bullpen or do you put him in the starting rotation?

But, back to the topic at hand. If these returning players can come close to what they were capable of doing before this season, look out AL Central! The key to the Twins season will be winning series. If the Twins keep on their current pace of .686 winning percentage during the past 35 games, they would end up with a final regular season record of 91-71. And, indications are that it could only take  a win total of in the mid 80’s to win this division.

So, if the Twins can get most of their injured players back and if they can perform close to what they are capable of, I still believe that we can possibly contend for the Central Division title. We just have to keep on winning like we have been doing. Anything is possible at this point.

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