There’s Plenty Of Blame To Go Around After Last Night’s 2-1 Loss

When I look back on last Night’s 2-1 loss, several things stand out for why we lost. The most important is we didn’t score more than one run. Probably the biggest mistake occured in the bottom of the ninth inning  when Matt Tolbert decided to score the tying run from third on a ground ball back to the pitcher and was out for the second out. And of course you would have to add the fact that the Twins failed to get Ben Revere home in the sixth inning after he reached third on a tripple.

Of course, you could automatically blame Matt Capps for cat napping on the mound and walking the lead off hitter in the top of the ninth inning which was the tying run that came aroun to score on the two-out two-run homer hit by Kansas City’s first baseman Eric Hosmer. And you could blame Ron Gardenhire for bringing Matt Capps in the first place and put the blame on the manager.

Well, it’s not a good thing to be saying it’s such and such player’s fault for losing a game. If you blame someone for losing a game, it’s not a good situation in the clubhouse. That’s why I will have to agree with Gardy when he says that the media shouldn’t blame Capps for losing the game especially when there were opportunities for more than one run to score for the Twins that night and they didn’t capitalize. They stranded 7 base runners in the last four innings of the game.

 What will happen with Capps? Well, I think he should switch to a different role on the team and either Joe Nathan and Glen Perkins becomes the closer. However, I will again defend Gardy on how he handled the situation. He didn’t say to the media that Capps is no longer the closer. The reason why I will agree with this is Gardy knows that the best way to handle something like this is talk to the player and let that player know what the plan is before telling the media.

the bottom line folks is it takes 25 players to make a team good. That’s why it’s not just about Capps blowing the 1-0 lead in the ninth inning. It’s about the scoring opportunities missed in last night’s game that caused us to lose.

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