Speculations From The Dugout

Hello folks, now that most of the injured players have already returned or are close to returning with the exception of Justin Morneau who’s still several weeks away, I think it’s time to speculate about who will be on this roster and how will manager Ron Gardenhire use the players.

For starters, the Twins should keep Ben Revere on this club. He’s scored 27 runs, 13 of those this July since being recalled in early June. However, I should add that he’s only gotten one hit in his past 21 at bats. If he keeps this up, I think that he may be shipped out of here, but they should wait and see how he responds to this slump.

Now, let’s talk about some of the players that were injured. Jason Kubel will be activated from the disabled list for tonight’s game against the Detroit Tigers. He last played on Memorial Day against the Tigers when he suffered a sprained left foot. And, Denard Span isn’t too far away from returning. So far in his rehab at Rochester, he’s only played seven innings in the games he’s played in. They want him to play nine innings for several days before they decide to bring him up. At this point, they will have to decide which one of the outfielders will be sent down which will more likely be Jason Repko.

There was also one other injured player that was activated from the disabled list. Kevin Slowey will not join the main club in the mean time, but will keep pitching for Rochester after finishing his rehab assignment there. Speculation is he could be dealt before the July 31 trade deadline. At his last Rehab start, scouts from several teams were there which would raise his trade value which would allow the Twins to get more for him.

Speaking of other possible trades, I wouldn’t be shocked the Twins trade Delmon Young or Jason Kubel. Kubel will be elgible for free agency after this season and Young will be elgible after the 2012 season. However, if one of those outfielders does get traded, it would more likely be Young.

And when both Span and Kubel are back, how much playing time will Revere get? I think the Twins will have to play him at least two or three times a week, maybe even more. That’s why I think the Twins could afford to give up either Young or Kubel. Plus, they have a part time DH in Jim Thome which would help in the event they did trade either Kubel or Young.

And where will Revere bat in the line up when Span returns? Logic would have it that Revere would slide down to the ninth spot. since Span is our lead off hitter. However, don’t be surprised if Revere does bat lead off or second. The one thing I will say is having Revere in your line up adds more speed on the base paths. I think we will have to wait and see how Gardy does use Revere.

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