Who Should The Twins Trade?

Hello folks and the nonwaiver trade deadline is fast aproaching. I think it’s time for me to put my thoughts down of who the Twins might trade. The fact they will have an extra outfielder when Span returns tells me that if the Twins trade someone, it would be an outfielder. Plus, I wouldn’t at all be surprised that Kevin Slowey is moved since he’s had past success in the Majors. However, his trade value might be limited right now due to the fact that he’s not pitched a lot with the Twins this year.

And who will the Twins trade for? Well, I’m not someone that is normally going to throw out names of players of who I think the Twins should get. However, logic tells me that it would be someone that could be a reliable reliever out of the bullpen. There’s also indications that Ron Gardenhire wouldn’t mind having a veteran right handed pinch hitter off the bench, but I don’t see that one as likely to happen. Let’s discuss some of the rumors and then I’ll tell you who I think would most likely be traded.

For a while, rumors have been floating around that Michael Cuddyer could be dealt to several possible teams. Those teams would include the Phillies, Red Sox and Giants. If that move were to happen, I think it would probably be to the Giants, but I don’t see that trade very likely to happen. In fact, I don’t think the Twins will move Cuddyer at all before the season’s over. The Twins will want a lot in return and if a team is only going to keep him for just this season, they may not want to give up as much in return. Plus, it would probably be seen as a bad Public relations move in the minds of Twins fans despite what the Twin cities media is suggesting.

A more likely trade that could happen is Denard Span to the Nationals. It’s been reported that the Nationals have expressed some interest in Span. It’s been suggested that the Twins could get a reliever in return such as Tyler Clippard who’s a 1.73 ERA in 45 appearances this season with 20 bases on balls and 72 strikeouts with opponents batting .148.

Now, here’s who I thik the Twins could trade, but I’m not going to suggest who they could get in return except that it will more likely be a relief pitcher. My two top trade candidates are Jason Kubel and Delmon Young. However, the thing that could turn teams off from these players is both have recently been on the disabled list. I personally think the Twins should trade Young because he’s not as good of an outfielder when it comes to chasing down balls, but I think it more likely to be Jason Kubel. Kubel and Cuddyer could become free agents at the end of the season. The Twins would want to get something in return since they probably won’t be able to sign both of them.

Up until he was hurt at the end of May, Kubel was leading the Twins in RBIs with 30. However, when you think about it, it might make more sense for the Twins to keep Young because he’s a right handed bat. Kubel on the other hand bats left handed. That way, you could platoon Young and Thome at DH. Young is batting .276 against left handed pitchers in 76 at bats and .269 in 182 at bats aginst right handed pitchers. Thome on the other hand is hitting better for average against lefties at .233 than against righties at .219. However it should be noted that he’s driven in more runs facing right handed pitchers since he’s had more at bats against righties. He does have a higher slugging percentage against lefties at .533 than against righties at .400. Young’s slugging percentage is a little higher against lefties with .368 to .352 against righties.

So statistically, there’s not necessarily a whole lot of advantage to have a platoon situation at DH. If Kubel does get traded, it probably wouldn’t necessarily be a platoon situation at Dh. One thing I will say is it would free up a roster spot for a right handed bat such as Luke Hughes or Trevor Ploufe which would allow Gardy to not have so many left handed hitters stacked in the line up. Plus, it would allow the right handed batting Jason Repko to remain with the club as the extra outfielder. It should also be noted that Ben Revere has been slumping at late, so he could be the odd man out when Span returns.

The key to who will be traded will be what the Twins are offered in return. And, how the Twins do this week will also play in determining what the Twins do come this Sunday. Don’t forget that the Twins can still do trades this August if they send the players through waivers and have the players elgible to be on the playoff roster if they get them by August 31. We’ve gotten some good pitchers such as Carl Pavano, John Rauch and Brian Fuentes this way. Ultimately,, what determines if a trade is made is if both sides think they can get a benefit out of it.

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