The Best Trade Is Your Current Players Perform Better

Well folks, the nonwaiver trade deadline went and the Twins didn’t make one trade. Not even after all of this talk about Span going to the Wahshington Nationals or Michael Cuddyer going to some contender like Boston Or Phillie. However, I don’t think it’s all that bad. Sure, the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers bettered their teams by trading for a starting pitcher, but there’s no garentee that they will do better.

I go back to something manager Ron Gardenhire said after a loss last season in his press conference. He stated that the best trade is the players you  have perform better. Now, in looking at the stats of some of the players, I’d have to agree with that statement. One of them is Justin Morneau, who basically tore up the league last season hitting at .345 with 18 home runs and 56 RBIs before suffering the season ending concussion in Torronto on July 7. This year, he batted .225 with 4 HRs and 21 RBIs before landing on the disabled list in mid June because of a sore wrist and extended his stay in order to resolve a neck issue. He should be back by mid August at the earliest.

Another one is Delmon Young. Right now, he’s off from last year’s season when he batted .298 with 21 HRs and 112 RBIs. This year, he’s currently hitting at a .264 clip with 2 HRs and 27 RBIs.

But I think we also need to keep the fact that several players have missed significant time due to injury in mind as well. Perhaps the best way to compare this year’s offensive output would be to compare last year’s offensive output to what they’re on pace for right now. Last year, the Twins scored 781 runns

and allowed 671 runs. This year, they’re on pace to score 639 runs and allow 776 runs.

This tells me that we need to hit and pitch better. I’ve already named a couple of players who not done as well as they should although I’ll give Morneau some slack and suggest that when he comes back, he will be a key threat to the Twins. If Jim Thome can drive in some more runs. If Jason Kubel can resume where he left off before landing on the Disabled list. If Joe Mauer can keep improving at the plate and drive in some more runs. If Fransisco Liriano can send his bad pitching Twin brother back home. And if Nick Blackburn can turn it around from these past shaky starts. If all of these things happen along with some of the bullpen guys that have not been doing well, I think this team can contend. We can say that this team needs some bullpen help. However as of now, the trade will come in the form of the current players doing better on this club along with the returns of Denard Span this Tuesday and Justin Morneau sometime in August.

As of now folks, we’re doing it like what David did when he faced Goliath the Philistine giant by the fact David didn’t use anyone else’s weapon or anyone’s armor, but simply fought the giant with his sling and stone. We’re basically going to try and win the division with what we’ve got in our organization.

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