So, When Should We Give Up All Hope The Twins won’t Make the Playoffs?

Hello Twins fans and I think it’s time to start looking at the mirror and realize that these next 13 games will pretty much determine if we still might have playoff hopes. They just lost the first game of this 13 game stretch 8-6 over the Boston Red Sox. We had the opportunity to win tonight, but Baker had a hiccup in the sixth inning and the score was all the sudden 5-5. And of course the error by Joe Mauer that allowed David Ortez to make the score 6-5 in the eighth inning in my mind was a key run for the Red Sox. Granted we were able to tie the score in the bottom of the eighth, but we would eventually lose the game.

So, how will these next two weeks determine if we have a chance at making the playoffs? Well, one thing that we could use to our advantage is 6 of these games are against the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers. So far on the season, we’re 6-3 against the tribe and 1-8 against the Motor City Kitties. It should be noted that in the last series against the Indians, we ended up splitting that series and our first win against the Tigers came in the last series against them.

However, the biggest challenge for us will be the New York Yankees. We’ve not had much success against them for several years dating back to 2002. Last season, we were 1-5 not including the 3 playoff losses. We have a 4 game series against them in 10 days at America’s best ball park, Target Field.

Here’s what the Twins should do these next games. They should go 2-1 against Boston, Cleveland and Detroit and at best split the 4 game series against the Bronx Bombers next weekend. That would give us an 8-5 record these next 13 games.

And in looking at the schedules for the Tigers and Indians, they play each other 6 times these next 2 weeks. If they go 3-3 against each other, it would allow the Twins to gain some ground. However, the Twins shouldn’t count on the Indians and Tigers doing that. The Twins should concentrate on winning series, otherwise the chance of getting back into the race and winning the Central Division is over and the best we can hope for is the Twins to play well the rest of the season.

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  1. Mr. Ed says:

    When Should We Give Up All Hope The Twins WILL Make the Playoffs?

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