Unlike Last Time We Were 20 Games Under 500, We Have No Chance Of Making The Playoffs

Well folks, it’s over. We won’t be making the playoffs or even have a chance of Making the playoffs. In fact, It was over last weekend when we lost the four game series against the Yankees three games to one. And yet we kept on playing lousy. In the series against Baltomore, we scored only 4 runs total, one run per game. Now, we’ve gone all the way back to our lowest point of the season, 20 games under 500 which was on June 1.

Unlike the last time, I see no chance that we will get back into the race. Three of our five starting pitchers throughout the season are currently on the Disabled List and on top of that, you’ve got both Denard Span and Alexi Cassilla out. Also, our hitting hasn’t been very good. We’ve not been executing especially when we’ve had runners on base.

The only real positive I see left in this season is we can still win games and play the role of a spoiler where we play a role in reducing a current contender’s chances of making it to the playoffs or knocking them out of the race altogether. We have 6 games left with the Tigers and 7 games left with the Indians and White Sox. We also play 3 games against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in our next road trip along with 3 games against the Wite Sox.

One thing I will say is it was a fun season for a while and I really felt we had a chance of getting back into the race which we did. However, I think the fact that we had too many injuries and too many things go wrong such as players not performing what they’re capable of. One thing I will say, I’m ready to see what next year brings.

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