Why I Love Baseball

I thought I’d tell you more about my passion for the game of baseball. I think the fact the Twins have had a lousy season this year is one reason why I’ve decided to share more about it. It’s as bad as it was back in the late 90’s when I started to follow the Twins closely, made worse by the fact that this year most fans including me had high hopes that we’d go somewhere in the playoffs.

Back when I first started following the Twins back in the 90’s, I did because I felt I had to follow a team as a fan. Now, if I moved away from here, I’d still follow the Twins. They were the first team I followed from game to game. Back then, I didn’t have high expectations that they would do well. I knew what they had on the team. We had guys like Torii Hunter, Jahque Jones, Cori Koskie, Doug Mientkiewicz and Christian Guzman. All of these young players would become the nucleus for the Al Central Division winners in the early 2000’s. Back in 1999, they were all prospects that had potensial.

This year, I’ve had to suffer defeat after defeat as we had injuries. This year, I followed the prospects of Trevor Plouffe, Ben Revere, Luke Hughes and Rene Tosoni as they tried to prove that they belong in the majors despite the fact that they were trying to fill the shoes of injured veterans like Justin Morneau, Jason Kuble and Denard Span. I could say that following individual players is the main reason I love baseball, but no that’s not it although it’s part of it.

What about the history? Well, there are certainly records that have been broken like Barry Bonds hitting 73 home runs in a single season and records that were set that probably will never be equaled like Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak. And, I like looking at different factors that may have helped players to break a record like Babe Ruth almost doubling his home run total to 54 in 1920 from 29 in 1919 due to a more lively ball. And of course there’s always the contraversy with Roger Marris breaking Babe Ruth’s single season home run mark of 60 in a 154 game season back in 1927. In 1961, Marris hit 61 in a 162 game season. The contraversy that it shouldn’t count as breaking the record because it was done in a 162 game schedule. The history part of it is not however the main reason I love baseball although that’s another reason I do.

The main reason why I follow baseball is because no matter what the score is and there are two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning, you still have a chance to come back and win the game. This is unlike the other major sports when the clock dictates when the game is over.

This attitude towards the game of baseball is the attitude I had this season of the Twins still coming back and making it to the playoffs, even when we were 17-37 back on June 1. And I kept holding out hope until at the end of August when it was obvious that we wouldn’t come back all the way from the cellar although we made it interesting for a while.

And this is the attitude I approach each Twins game that I listen to no matter if we’re down by a huge margin. This is how I’ll approach the remainder of the season even if we’re out of the playoffs. And, I’ll be looking forward to the new Twins season next year this offseason.

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