The Collapse Of The Braves And Red Sox, Is It A Conspiracy?

The Playoffs have already started yesterday with the Tampa Bay Rays winning 8-0 over the Texas Rangers. However, I’d like to give you baseball fans my thought’s on what happened in September regarding the collapse of the Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox.

let’s summarize what happened. Boston had a 9 game lead in the Wild Card Standings over the Rays in early September. Boston would go on the most historic collapse and not make the playoffs. In fact, they had the second worst record this September at 7-20.

The Braves meanwhile had a good shot at the wild card as well going into September. they would finish September with a 9-18 record. The St. Louis Cardinals would finish September with a record of 18-8.

And, I’ve not mentioned the best part to the whole story. Both wild card races wouldn’t be decided until the last day of the season. The Cardinals would win over the Houston Astros. The Philladelphia Phillies would beat the Atlanta Braves in Extra innings 4-3. In Tampa Bay, the Mew York Yankees had a 7-0 lead going into the bottom of the eighth inning. Tampa Bay would score 6 runs in the eighth and 1 in the ninth on Dan Johnson’s homerun, sending the game to extras. Meanwhile in Baltomore, Boston had a 3-2 lead going into the ninth and would lose 4-3. Earlier in the game, there was an hour and 20 minute rain delay. Because of this, the game would end just moments before the Rays would score the winning run in the twelfth inning on Evan Longoria’s homerun. So, what’s the conspiracy here? Well, the biggest fact that would point into this direction is the fact that there’s the proposal of having 5 teams in the playoffs. That would mean that both the Braves and Red Sox would have still been in the playoffs even if they’d gone on their collapses. A couple of other facts would be the Cardinals won 2 games in a row on wild pitches which raises the suspicion that this might be a conspiracy to get 5 teams in the playoffs. The other fact is the Yankees blew a 7 run lead for the first time since 1953.

And oh yeh, don’t forget the advertising dollars that would come from TV if the Red Sox were in the playoffs. If there’s a fifth team added to the playoffs in each league, it would know doubt be more tv money especially since you’d have to have the two wild card winners play at least one game before you go on to the next round.

All of these facts raises my suspicions that this could be a conspiracy. However, I will admit to one thing. That thing is conspiracy or no conspiracy, it was still an exciting finish to the season.

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