Last Night’s Game 6 is certainly Memorable, But Does It Rank With The Most Memorable World Series Moments Of All Time?

Last night, the Texas Rangers looked like they had their first World Series championship Wrapped up. With one Strike from being eliminated, the St. Louis Cardinals got a game tying two-out two-run tripple from their third baseman, David Frees, making the score 7-7. In the top of the tenth, Josh Hamilton hit’s a two-run home run to give the Rangers a 9-7 lead. However, in the bottom of the tenth, the Cardinals were down to their last strike when they score the tying run on a hit from Lance Burkman. The Rangers failed to score in the top of the eleventh. Leading off the bottom of the eleventh, Frees hits the game winning home run for the Cardinals, tying the World Series at 3 games a piece and setting the stage for an exciting game 7 which will start in a couple of hours.

But, the question I’d like to ask is, is this one of the most memorable World Series moments? My first reaction would be certainly. However, when you look at the whole game and compare it to other moments, I’d have to say probably not.

To start with, both teams played sloppy defense in the early inningsTexas with 2 errors and St. Louis with 3). These errors led to two runs for both clubs.

Also, there were a couple of base running mistakes. The most obvious one was Matt Halliday being picked off of third base in the bottom of the sixth inning. The other was Hamilton not going to second when Frees dropped a pop up in the top of the fifth.

So, this is why I wouldn’t include it in the most memorable moments. Just the fact that it was sloppily played disqualifies it.

If I’d to pick the top moments, I’d have to say Game six of the 1991 World Series when Kirby Puckett hit the game winning home run to tie the series at three games a piece and Game Seven when Jakc Morris shut down the Braves for ten innings, helping the Twins win their first World Series would have to be ranked as the no. 1 World Serie s moments.

Some other ones I’d include are: Game Six of the 1975 World Series when Carlton Fiske hit a game winning home run in the Twelfth inning to tie the series at three between the Boston Red Sox and Cincinnati Reds. I’d also include game seven in the 1960 World Series when Bill Mazeroski hit the game winning home run to give the Pirates their third World Series Championship in franchise history, their first since 1925.

well, folks, I think it’s time to get ready for tonight’s game seven and I predict that this game will be low scoring and have lots of drama. When I blog next, we’ll have the World Champions for 2011 crowned.

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