There Are Benefits In Losing Cuddyer and Kubel

It’s been a while since I last blogged. I’d like to share my thoughts on the Twins letting both Michael Cuddyer and Jason Kubel go. In my last post, I stated that it would be a good idea for the Twins to try to sign either Cuddyer or Kubel and that Cuddyer was the one they should try to sign before Kubel since we don’t know for certain if Justin Morneau will be able to play first base for a whole season.

However, at the same time I think we need to realize that in baseball you have to give up something in order to gain something. Sure I’ll miss Kubel and Cuddyer and the offense they provided for the Twins, but for losing these two players, the Twins will gain three draft picks. For Cuddyer, a modified type a free agent, the Twins will gain two first round picks and for Kubel, a moddified type b free agent, they will gain a sanwich pick between the first and second rounds.

Last year’s injury plagued season showed the Twins as having a weak minor league system. Since you don’t always know how a player is going to perform in the majors, letting go Cuddyer and Kubel means that the Twins will get to pick three more players in next year’s draft to develop in their farm system.

And, the Twins brought in a cheaper option to play the outfield in Josh Willingham who can put just as good of offensive numbers as Cuddyer and Kubel. Cuddyer got a $30 million three year deal with the Colorado Rockies and Willingham got a $21 million  three year deal with the Twins. and of course Kubel got a $16 million 2 year deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

So, when you look at the benefits, the Twins will save money and they’ll get three more draft picks. There are certainly benefits to not bring bak Cuddyer and Kubel even if we’d like them to play another season with the Twins.


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