A Week Of Twins Related Festivities

Hello Twins fans! Spring training is just around the corner. In fact, the official report date for pitchers and catchers is on February 18 wich is about three weeks away.

Last week, I attended a couple of Twins related functions. The first was the Twins caravan in Mankato held last Wednesday. The thing I like about the caravan is it gives the fans the opportunity to meet some of the players. I also think that it gets the fans excited for the upcoming season and it’s sort of a break from the winter.

One highlight from the Twins caravan that stood out to me is a gentleman asked Bert Blyleven if he could buy him a beer since this guy had never bought a Hall Of Famer a beer before. I thought it was a nice jesture. Along with Blyleven, Danny Valencia, Drew Butera and Twins president Dave St. Peter were also along.

St. Peter is really optimistic that the Twins will do well this season. there’s still a good number of players from the 2010 club that won 94 games still on the current roster. However, I think the only way they have a chance of contending this year is the Twins don’t have very many injuries.

The second event I went to is Twins Fest wich was held at the Metrodome. My dad and I usually spend most of our time listening to the radio broadcast while there. It’s quite entertaining and if you’re not at Twins Fest, the next thing you can do is listen to the coverage.

It’s interesting to listen to the players. One of the players we heard live was Ben Revere. According to Revere, he’s been working with Rod Carew on his bunting. Later on Carew confirmed and he also had some interesting things to say. He said that players now days have the tendency to push the ball when they bunt. You also have to know where the fielders are.

Speaking of Carew, I learned from the Hall Of Fame display that they had on the field that he played in 18 consecutive all Star games. Another thing I learned was Harmon Killerbrew’s first contract with the Washington Senators was $6000. Dad commented that now the players now make $6000 a minute. And one more thing I found interesting from the Hall Of Fame display. Bert Blyleven’s real name is Rik Aalbert Blijleven.

Before we left, we listened to Corey Provus, the new radio voice of the Twins being interviewed. I think he really understands how to broadcast a game. He understands that dead air is not necessarily a bad thing and it’s better to let some of the atmosphere tell the action such as the roar of the crowd. He also pointed out that you just need to have the right words to tell a situation. One thing I observed is he has enthusiasm for broadcasting. I think I’m going to share more of my thoughts on what a good broadcast is in my next blog.

Well folks, that’s a summary of what I did that was Twins related this past week. Spring training will be here before you know it.

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2 Responses to A Week Of Twins Related Festivities

  1. Kevin Stirtz says:

    Troy – Good post. I like the stats about Killebrew’s starting contract compared to what player’s make today. I will watching for more insightful posts about the upcoming season!

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