When Do Fans Get Excited For A New Baseball Season?

With the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having, I’ve been pondering on the Question. When Do fans get excited for a baseball season? The answers to this are numerous and I think it depends on the fan. There are those fans that just like to be at a baseball game, but I think more of them get excited when the weather gets warmer or when the players start to get ready for the season.

For me personally, I think I get more excited for the baseball season when spring training starts, usually in mid February. I know the regular season is almost here and that I’ll be able to listen to the Twins games again on the radio. I even enjoy listening to Spring training games.

Spring training allows me to follow the progress of players, especially those players that are competing for open roster spots. Also, spring training tells me that warm weather is almost here and it makes the remaining days of winter go by faster.

And even in the offseason, especially during the week of TwinsFest, I get excited for the season. Just hearing the players talk baseball makes it seem not so cold outside. I know that in the next few weeks, spring training will be starting.

And when I talk to my friends about baseball, even in the offseason I get excited for the season. However, when spring training comes around, then my excitement for a new season picks up. I know that soon I’ll be able to be outside at the ball park in the stands following the action by radio with the Twins broadcast team and  vendors calling out “hot dog” and “beer” as they go bye selling their products. being in the stands allows me to feel like I’m at the ball park cheering for the Twins while following the game on radio.

The recent warm weather we’ve been having has given me the urge to want to be outside at Target Field at a Twins game. I can’t wait for the season to start and I think most other baseball fans feel the same way I do.

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One Response to When Do Fans Get Excited For A New Baseball Season?

  1. Michael Fishman says:

    After the final out of the World Series I start looking forward to the next season, but I start getting excited right about the time of the winter meetings.

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