Even Though There Were Plenty Of Mistakes In Yesterday’s Win, Twins will Take the Victory

Hello Twins fans, How about that game yesterday! It took 15 innings, but the Twins got it done thanks to a base hit by Denard Span that scored Brian Dozier. There were plenty of mistakes for the Twins at the plate. The most glaring is Ryan Doumit grounding out with the bases loaded to end the bottom of the Twelfth. Part of it is the Brewers pitcher, Jose Veras, had already walked two in the inning and was behind to Doumit with no strikes.

Also, the Twins hit into two double plays, one in the fifth inning and one in the sixth inning. If it weren’t for those double plays, the Twins could have scored more runs and have the chance of playing only 9 innings.

Despite all of the mistakes, the Twins will take the win. Usually, who ever plays better wins the game, I think the Twins actually played better despite the fact that they made more mistakes.

The reason I say that is because of the fact that Ben Revere made some good catches in right field especially in the top of the 11th. If it weren’t for that catch in the 11th, the Brewers would have had a runner in scoring position for sure at second or maybe even at third.

So, the Twins should take this extra inning victory and move on. They should use this to build some positive momentum and see if they can get themselves closer to 500 by the all star break. Let’s see if this victory can be a stepping stone to a solid season.

I would also like to make an announcement. Starting at ten tonight, my dad and I will be hosting a half hour show where we talk Twins baseball. The name of the Show is called Troy’s Twins chat. You can listen to it by clicking on the above link.

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