The home run race between Willingham and Plouffe Should Have a Slogan

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the homerun race between Trevor Plouffe and Josh Wilingham. No, it’s not as dramatic as the race between Mickey Mantle and Roger Marris. However, it’s still fun to follow Plouffe and Willingham as they battle for the team lead in homeruns.

For several weeks now, they’ve been battling for the team lead. Plouffe hasn’t hit a homerun in over a couple of weeks. Willingham last homered in Saturday’s los to the Oakland Athletics. They’ve homered seven times on the same day in June and six times they’ve homered in the same game.

Because of this back and forth battle between these two players, I’ve been thinking that there ought to be a slogan.

The slogan should be this. “One is willing to hammer the ball over the fense, the other makes it go poof out of the park.”

This slogan fits really well. The willing to hammer part I got from Willingham’s last name. The other part I got because poof rhymes with Plouffe.

Although this homerun race between Plouffe and Willingham is not like the one between Mantle and Marris, it should provide for a little excitement for the rest of the season. The Twins may not be making it into the playoffs, but at least Plouffe and Willingham could provide some excitement as they battle it out for the team lead in homeruns.

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