What Will Opening Day Be Like?

Hello Twins fans and it’s another season upon us! tomorrow, some of you fans and players alike will be braving the cold at Target Field. I wonder if they will postpone the game because the weather forecast is expected to be in the 30’s with windchills in the 20’s.
Wel, to tell you the truth, it doesn’t feel like baseball weather here in Minnesota. Although Target Field is cleared of snow, there’s still snow on the ground. Also, it’s hardly even cracked into the 50’s, something that usually happens at this time of year. To put it simply, it still feels like winter, providing for an interesting atmosphere at Target Field. I thought I’d have a little fun here thinking about what the atmosphere will be like. Not all of my ideas will happen, but it’s still fun to predict what it will be like.
At least a couple of generations of Twins fans have never experienced opening day where it’s in the 30’s with snow still on the ground and you’re outside. There have been opening days where it was cold and snowing outside, but the Twins were under the tafflon roof at the Metrodome for 29 seasons. So, here are some ideas of what I think opening day should be like tomorrow although I doubt if all of them will happen.
Most of you have heard of the recent creation of the homer blankie. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of people bringing a sleeping bag to the park to stay warm in. Or how about wearing a snowmobile suit. Fans will be wearing plenty of layers that for sure.
The next thing I can see happening is the beer vendors standing out in the cold with limited sales. They wonder if they should have stayed home and not have bothered showing up to work. And oh yeah, this cold weather will stimulate sales for hot drinks like coffee and hot chocolate. Minus the sale of the hot beverages, the concession sales Will be as slow as a turtle.
Now, here’s something which I doubt will happen. The Twins should play Christmas Carols between innings. That’s what it feels like to me outside. It feels like it’s still winter and that it should be Christmas season.
Usually when I think of opening day, I think of it being at least in the fifties and at the very least, very little snow. Now don’t think that I’m not looking forward to the Twins season starting. However, when it still feels a bit like winter with some snow on the ground, it doesn’t exactly feel like baseball weather.
Moreover, Major League baseball shouldn’t have had the Twins open there home season this early since they play outside in a northern state where there’s still a chance that the weather could still feel like winter. Luckily it’s not snowing or it would really not be good. Although I’m not actually going to the game, the current weather doesn’t feel like that the baseball season’s here yet.

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