Twins Fest Highlights

Hello Twins fans! Well, the Twins season is a couple of months away. I thought I’d share some of the highlights from my experience at Twins Fest atTarget Field yesterday. It was certainly a different experience from the years past at the Metrodome. Also, I think this is probably the best opportunity to experience certain parts of the ball park that fans normally wouldn’t go to during game days.
To start with, dad and I didn’t get there till after three o’clock since we had some other commitment. Normally, dad and I go in the morning on Saturdays. We spent the first forty minutes or so hanging out in the Legend’s Club listening to the Twins Fest coverage on 96.3 KTWN. By the way, if you find Legend’s Club tickets on Stub Hub for $20, I’d do that for any Twins game. The tickets are normally $68. That way, you’ve a place to go when it rains. Then, the real highlights began. Dad and I started walking around. Next thing we know, a lady ushered us towards the press box.
The press box has several doors to the various radio and tv booths along with the booths for the general managers of the Twins and visiting teams. The one thing I was surprised about was tat there were braille signs on each one of the doors. And for the Twins radio booth, the sign actually said, “John Gordon Radio Booth.” Funny thing is, I find it hard that the numbers for the different booths were decimals. Even some of the signs I read on the service level had a decimal for a number.
Now, we’ll move on to some of the other highlights. Dad and I went outsid eto the concourse. It was sure quiet out there. We didn’t really have an actual plan in mind although we’d eventually make our way to where the Twins clubhouse was. When we came to an elevator, we were thinking of going up to check out the party deck that we’d heard about.
Plans however changed when we got on the elevator. Dad asked a gentleman if we could go up to the party deck. We couldn’t, but round up on the service level.
On the service level, there were several Twins offices and also the champions Club which is for the really expensive tickets. This is also where the Twins clubhouse and manager’s office were. We had to wait in line to get to tour the clubhouse, but the wait wasn’t long.
First thing we checked out was the manager’s office. I’d say that it’s like most offices except that there was a podium along with some scorecards on the walls for various games in Ron Gardenhire’s career. Then we came to the clubhouse.
The clubhouse I’d describe as an upscale locker room. Instead of lockers on either side, there were cubicles for the players. In the center were some coutches and chairs. Also, there’s a training room and a snack room as well.
Dad and I didn’t do much after we toured the clubhouse. We went back to the Legend’s Club and listen to members of the Twins radio and television teams talk Twins baseball and didn’t leave till quarter of six. I’d say that if you want to go to something where you have increased access to the ball park, Twins Fest is the way to go provide it they have it a Target Field next year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they move it to the new Vikings stadium come 2017. For one thing, There aren’t a lot of things for little kids. Plus, they had to put a limit on how many fans could come. Having Twins Fest at the new Vikings stadium will allow for more activities and more fans to come.
However, I’d say that this was an unique Twins Fest this year. I got to go to some of the other areas of the ball park. One thingI will say is it was sure weird not having a game going on at Target Field. But, it won’t be long till Spring Training starts. And once that happens, that means that the Twins season is not far off.

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