A Look at the managers with 1000 wins

Ron Gardenhire won his 1000th game today in Cleveland as the Twins beat the Indians 7-3. He’s now part of a list that now includes 60 managers. Let’s highlight some of the managers that are on this list.

The Manager with the most wins is the Philladelphia Athletics, Connie Mack, with
3,731 wins and he’s also the leader with the most losses at 3,948. he won 9 penants and 5 World Series while managing the Athletics throughout most of the first half of the 19th century.

John McGraw has the second most wins with 2,763 and lost 1,948. Most of his managing career was spent with the New York Giants from 1902-1932 where he won 10 penants and 3 World Series.

The next three managers on the list are all being inducted in Baseball’s Hall Of Fame this year. They are Tony La Russa (
2,728-2,365), Bobby Cox (2,504-2,001) and Joe Torre (2,326-1,997).

There are eight other managers in Minnesota Twins franchise history that have won 1000 games in their careers. They include: Tom Kelly, Gene Mauch, Bill Rigney, Billy Martin, Clarke Griffith, Bucky Harris, Joe Cronin, and Chuck Dressen. Griffith, Harris, Cronin and Dressen managed the franchise before 1961 when the Twins were the Washington Senators.

Besides Gardenhire, Kelly is the only manager to have spent is entire managing career with the franchise. Harris had three diferent stints as manager: 1924-1928, 1935-1942 and 1950-1954. Harris, who’s ranked 7th all time with 2,158 wins, has the most wins in franchise history with 1,336 and the most losses with 1,416. Kelly, has the most wins in Twins history at 1140.

Harris led the then Senators to their only World Series title in 1924. Kelly would lead the franchise to two more World Series titles in 1987 and 1991.

Gardenhire becomes the 12th manager on the list who hasn’t been in the World Series. he also becomes the fifth manager currently managing to reach 1000 wins. the other four Are: Buck Showalter, Bruce Bochy, Mike Scioscia and Terry Francona.

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